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Louisiana Mudbogs - Gettin Down and Dirty in Minden LA

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1. Seat belts are required in all classes. 4 point harness in all classes except Stock. Must fit snug.
2. Snell SA-rated helmet required in ALL classes.
3. A minimum of 2.5 OB, dry chemical ABC fire extinguisher with gauge in cab required.
4. On/Off battery disconnect switch is required at the rear on passenger side 1 ft. from the side and 1 foot from rear of truck bed.
5. Battery and radiator must be securely fastened and shielded from driver. Must not be in driver’s compartment.
6. Firewalls and floors are mandatory. Stock vehicles must have roll bars. Super Stock must have 4 point roll cages and be attached to frame. Modified and Super modified mandatory 6-point roll cage and attached to frame. Tubing must be a minimum of 1-1/2” diameter with at least .063 wall thickness. Must have 2 windshield bars.
7. All vehicles must have tow hooks front and rear. All vehicles must have front and rear bumpers and exceeding width of wheel opening. Bumpers must not have sharp edges. MUST be safe.
8. All automatic transmissions must have a SEMA approved shield or blanket. All standard transmissions must have SEMA approved blow proof bell housing except stock class and super stock. Rule applies for modified and super modified.
9. Fuel tank cells allowed in all classes. All fuel lines must be isolated from driver’s compartment. All tanks must have positive locking or screw caps. Fuel cells must be fully secured.
10. Throttle pedal must be positive acting with return loop or arm for return in case of stuck throttle. Three return springs are mandatory, one on pedal and two on carburetor.
11. Hydraulic breaks required. Driveline breaks okay. Must be able to stop safely.
12. All but stock class. Two drive shaft loops per drive shaft; loop must be 6” minimum, 12” maximum from u-joint.
13. No one under 12 years of age to race in vehicle. Must be 16 years old to drive.
14. Race trucks will be operated in a safe manner at all times. Association or official has the right to disqualify truck at any time.
15. Drivers and pit crew will be disqualified for alcohol, drugs, or tampering of race vehicles. THIS RULE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.
16. Any infractions or fighting, un-sportsman like conduct will not be tolerated from driver, rider or pit crew. Money and trophy will be forfeited and could lead to one-year suspension from all tracks.
17. All trucks must have visible numbers.
18. If found cheating, on first offense you will be fined $250. You must be visually checked and found legal before you can run again. Second offense will result in paying the fine and bump up one class.
19. Trucks allowed bump up to any class, as long as you comply with safety rules, but you cannot step down.
20. Pay before class starts. No refunds if you stage.
21. Each class will be completed before the next class starts.